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So this is the tech community in Hawaii?  I'm not trying to be negative, but this is actually pretty sad.  Why aren't the leaders in the Tech Community coming together to build a community?  Do you not realize that this is how Industry is created to be a thriving mass of technology?

I'm from Seattle, and we have .Net Developer groups, Front End Developer Groups, SQL groups, etc., etc. etc...

I can't tell you how many times I've been pointed to this site by IT Industry folks here only to drop in and see that the last post is from the previous year.  Is this how you all represent Hawaii?  

My honest opinion is that if there was a community, the technology here wouldn't be so far behind.  I was not impressed with Oceanic or the Utility company websites at all.  They are horrific compared to mainland standards.  That is only because I KNOW that they can be better, but for some reason they aren't.  And why do companies out here settle for lower level devs instead of experienced programmers?  Are people that cheap out here?  Maybe that's why the software and websites are sub-par?

Now, mind you I have not seen every website or been to every company.  I'm going off of what I've seen.  Don't get mad at me because of my opinion.  Get mad at yourselves and your tech community...

Then do something about it.

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We have got to get together for a Beer sometime. 'Been saying and observing much the same for years. :-)

Get in touch with the #HiCapacity Slack Channel, the Code for Hawaii group, or the DevLeague folks -- that's where most of the "active" community hangs out. TechHui is pretty much abandoned these days.

I'll check those sites out...and yeah, I'm up for a beer or two anytime!  I'll shoot you an email at your gmail address tonight when I get back from the store.

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