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Superb Internet Relocates Headquarters to Honolulu Hawaii and Fills Key Senior Management Positions

Just wanted to share an upcoming press release with you regarding Superb Internet. We realize this release comes in contrast with the current depressed economic situation and we believe it may come as a surprise too many but offer some glimmer of hope that the job market and eventually the economy will find a foot hold soon.

Superb Internet Corporation, one of the oldest and most reputable web hosting companies in the world, announced the opening of a new corporate office headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii. The company has taken up residence in the exclusive First Hawaiian Bank Tower, in the heart of Honolulu’s financial district. The move is seen as central to the company’s strategy of attracting and retaining key talent, and has already paid off with the filling of multiple key senior management positions with extremely experienced and talented individuals who will help take the company to the next level.

The company also announced that it will be offering promotional discounts and local account representation specifically to Hawaii based customers. This level of service is uncommon in the hosting industry and will provide local customers with unprecedented quality and support. The intent of these offerings is in part to encourage further growth and development within the local business community and tech industry.

Mr. Haralds Jass (President and CEO) said, “We are pleased that in an era of economic uncertainty we are in a position of continued strong growth, remain profitable and are (as we always have been) 100% debt free. We are very pleased to offer our valued employees an alternative to the normal benefits associated with corporate life. The health and well-being of our employees is very important to us, and we are confident that the move to Honolulu will have a significant effect on productivity, innovation and team cohesiveness – and will also accordingly result in an even higher level of service for our customers”.

Mr. Jass continued “we are very encouraged by the caliber of the senior level executives that have decided to join us in the Aloha State”, including:

Dale Bunten, Director of Marketing with 8 years of sales and marketing experience in the web hosting industry, he has worked in senior level positions for NetNation Communications, Hostway Corporation, and Reliant Web Hosting (Canada Web Hosting). Mr Bunten will lead the global marketing communications efforts and support the move into more advanced hosting services.

• George Allen, Director of Sales and Director of Professional Services, brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, stemming from decades of programming, sales, marketing, and management experience in successful high technology companies, in past senior roles such as VP of Sales and VP of Marketing. His mandate is to build a world-class sales organization, and a strong and comprehensive professional services division.

• Brian Alexander, Director of Systems Engineering, with over a decade of experience from building, directing and managing large-scale global properties for, to managing the largest public grid computing project on the Internet. Mr. Alexander will be a key asset for designing and implementing advanced hosting solutions for enterprise level customers, as well as building and maintaining Superb’s state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure

• Matthew Putegnant, Director of Development brings with him 20 years of advanced software development leadership & management experience, delivering enterprise solutions for small engineering firms and large telecoms alike. Mr. Putegnant is responsible for all phases of the software development activity, including business process modeling, requirements, analysis and design, implementation, testing, configuration and change management, and deployment. His initial mandate is to more than double the size and capacity of the current development team.

Patrick Ahler, Director of Business Development and Operations Manager (Hawaii), has 12 years of advanced technical experience primarily in the field of systems administration and web technologies. Combined, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and business mind, Patrick has lead numerous successful Internet businesses and knows what it takes to succeed.

Jason Wong, Director of Human Resources, adds a wide scope of experience spanning the real estate, finance, banking, computing, and human resource sectors. His mandate is to recruit, hire, and retain quality personnel to support the company’s rapid growth, on a global scale at all of Superb’s locations, covering staff in five US states and in Canada.

About Superb Internet Corp.:
One of the world’s original hosting companies, since 1996 Superb Internet has been consistently rated as one of the very best web hosts by all web host rating agencies. Superb Internet provides a complete range of managed web hosting services, from virtual hosting through to high-volume, mission-critical dedicated service solutions. Superb Internet, headquartered in Honolulu, HI, has data centers and 24-hour/365-day operations in McLean, VA and Seattle, WA, serving customers in over 150 countries worldwide.

For more information about Superb Internet, visit the website at:

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We are excited to see an established hosting company moving to Hawaii! Its great that you are creating jobs, especially given the current climate. We hope to see more of you and the Superb team on TechHui.
Aloha Patrick. It sounds like you have a great team! I was wondering, are you planning to build a datacenter in Hawaii as well?
Our focus will be providing global solutions with local support. At this time I do not foresee a datacenter being built here.

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