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I was listening to a ABC World News report today about rising poverty in America. The broadcaster suggested innovation as a solution to our nation's economic problems. She cited Apple as an example of how their innovation has created 24,000 jobs in the last five years.

What do you think about the idea of having a group on TechHui where people can freely brainstorm about startup ideas? I enjoy dreaming up business ideas but don't have any time to devote to them because I'm otherwise occupied. Personally I don't mind sharing ideas. I'm guessing there are others like me.

An business idea came to mind just today. If there was a Startup Idea Group on TechHui, I'd write about it on the group and others could comment on its viability. Perhaps subsequently someone would come along and implement the idea, create jobs and our economy would benefit as a result.

Here's today's idea: A relative in New York City had a funeral yesterday and a family member commented that funeral homes should offer streaming video of the funeral so those who can't attend in person can still be a part of it via video. What if a company put together a streaming video platform which enabled small freelance videographers all over the world to provide services live online video coverage of events. The company would create an online platform where videographers could have one to three people on their video team with cameras providing a video feed to a laptop onsite where someone would mix the video. The laptop would upload the video to the server which would then stream out to players in browsers and mobile devices. Viewers could help defray costs by paying a pay-per-view fee. The platform would process micropayments, take a cut and charge the videographers a fee to use the service. The platform could even provide the videographers an online billing feature which they could use to bill their customer (i.e., in this case the family having the funeral) for their services much in the same way that Campaign Monitor allows web developers to create email campaigns for customers and provides a billing platform for the developers to charge their end customers for the service. Most videographers don't have the expertise to set up live streaming video. So being empowered by a platform like this would be a win/win. The videographers could be signed on and trained like affiliates, authorized service providers or franchises. The platform could create a skinnable website just for the event, perhaps with it's own custom domain name. Also the platform could have a online social component where the viewer could leave comments for the family. This platform could be used for weddings or any event or conference.

What do you think?

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Good idea, but this is actually how they do it at an Apple store. When I bought my iPad, I remember they asked if I only wanted the receipt by email or also a paper copy. I chose email only :-)
Well then they need to roll it out to all retailers.

Way late to this conversation. Just wanted to let you know there is graveyard in Japan where relatives
can see a live feed of the grave of their loved ones.

It could work and it is a useful service. The problem would be charging for it. You don't want to charge people to view the service. The person paying for it should be the relatives organizing the funeral. It is an option they should choose.

I would use Red5 for the streaming.

I'm all for an ideas group. In the long run, it pays to be free with your ideas.

This might be late, but Kmart / Sears sends you a digital receipt including their Pharmacy.

Tim Parsons said:
This idea is from my wife. This weekend we went shopping for a new freezer. Found it at Lowes and purchased it. We only got 1 item, the freezer. But! the receipt was like a mile long, well maybe only 24" long, for ONE item? We seriously hate receipts and having to take them home and file them etc.

It would be cool if we could just give the vendor our email or phone number and they'd text or email you the receipt. This way it's paperless, you don't need to carry it anywhere and you can file it electronically with all your other stuff.

A plugin or option would need to be created to fit into the major types of POS used by major chains and mom & pops.

It could be based on a monthly subscription fee that the store is charged, this would actually save them money by not using less paper receipt rolls offsetting the cost so everyone wins.

Not sure if this already exists, it sounds to easy not to. If it does they need to start using it. If it doesn't let's get it done.



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