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Stanford Startup Storytree - looking for web and mobile developers!

Storytree is looking for talented web and mobile developers to join our team full time and part time.


Storytree is about the people. Not the names (like genealogy sites). Not the spontaneous thoughts (like Twitter). Not even the individual identities (like Facebook). Storytree is about the people you love, and we realize that stories make families and loved ones what they are: unique, inseparable groups. 


Those closest to you are ironically spread out all over the world, and technology is actually widening the gap between generations. Storytree allows loved ones young and old to capture and share the stories that matter. Watch the video at


Storytree is about the people. Matt Sullivan and Zach Weiner come from strong human-centered design backgrounds Matt from the design consultancy IDEO and the Stanford, and Zach from the Stanford Symbolic Systems HCI program and the Purin, with us part-time, works at IDEO and led UX for Pulse News. We recently graduated from the 500 Startups accelerator class and are seed funded by a great group of investors.


Storytree is about the people. At heart, we know that our company is nothing but the people that are a part of it. So, we're looking for people that are excited about our idea but think they can do better. If you think you have the tools, whether it be design or code, email


Here are some things that you should be excited about: 


-Writing algorithms to quantify and group stories in interesting ways 

-Implementing creative designs to display a tree of stories 


-Making the user experience addictive 

-Scaling a video-intensive site 


-Writing good code 

-Writing fast code 

-Writing code fast 


-Fine tuning your expertise in mobile and/or web (backend, frontend, or both) development 

-Learning new technologies as needed 


-Python and Django, which sit in the middle of an AWS-hosted stack 

-iOS is a plus


Matt grew up in Hawaii realizes that too many companies take the most talented people in Hawaii and move them to California…  why not take the best companies in California and move them to Hawaii?  E-mail us and we'll tell you our own stories. We want the story behind the building of Storytree to be a story worth telling our grandchildren. 

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