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I recently participated in a Spring EI training class and was super impressed with this new offering. Basically a pipes and filters architecture product for Spring developers. Neat, elegant and completely SOA. 

Is anyone out there using this product yet? I was recently contacted by a company it Atlanta, GA who are piloting Enterprise Integration. But they are a group of VMware consultants so i guess it's natural that they'd use the product -  i'm curious if this has any industry penetration yet outside of the VMWare consultants groups? How big is Spring development in general in Hawaii? 



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We are a Spring Shop here at Hawaii Information Consortium, but we haven't used EI yet.

Thanks for the response Russell - glad to hear you guys are on the Spring train. For me this is where the real innovation happens in the Java space at the moment. We're currently working on a full Spring tech stack from Spring IoC, Hibernate, Security, Webservices, Enterprise Integration, MVC, Webflow & Javascript. We're fairly new to E.I but it's really turning out to be a useful solution for achieving a modular, distributed architecture. We've got our guys using SpringSource Toolsuite and the application visualisation is really useful too. I'm honestly having a hard time finding flaws (other than the older versions of Webflow and MVC - terrible reference documentation and some immature features cost us a fair amount of time a few years back) but they seemed to have patched that up with 3.0. 



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