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Hi All,


More days ago than I care to admit, and for reasons I'm not sure qualify as rational, I decided to switch from JBoss to Glassfish servers for enterprise app testing ... and its still killing me.


So I thought I'd ask if anyone else out there has become intimate with with Glassfish yet?


Is there?


Thanks for any help,



PS:  For what ever use or interest this may hold:  The current unsolved problem is Glassfish's as yet unsbustantiated claim that it has "simplified" deployment of my entity enterprise beans. 


From my perspective, what its really done is simplify it to the point that my old deployment xml file (ejb-jar.xml) doesn't work.  Reading the internet entrails suggests its because there is now a sun-ejb-jar.xml file which seems to provide for a "bean" that may or maynot be like/same/different from an entity bean.  [If that makes little sense, the most likely cause is my not yet knowing what's going on with the "simplification"] 



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Hmm. It seems like you probably need to do the following:

(a) create the simplest possible EJB app that works on JBoss but breaks on GlassFish.
(b) post a request for help to both the JBoss and GlassFish community forums.

BTW, I found the following link that talks about glassfish conversion problems in the JBoss forum:

You've probably already seen it, but just in case.


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