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        I've received a request for help for a small private school in Aiea that is in need of 4 computers for the children to use. At one time they had 4 but currently have none.

        Have sent out a request for help to the few members formerly associated with HOSEF that I am acquainted with as well as a few other individuals that might be able to help me secure 4 PC's. But I thought why not post here and let the larger tech community know of the need in case someone has a few machines sitting around waiting to get dumped.

       What is needed is four Pentium4 class or better PC's with monitors and peripherals but anything will be appreciated since we can mix and match. Hopefully they run, but no operating system is needed since we can always install Linux as the OS. We will provide more info if required to justify where the computers will be installed.

       If anyone has or knows of any machines that are available, you can message me here on TechHui or email me at   carl at syspc dot net.   Thank you very much for your time in reading this!

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We have a potential line on computers for them. But doesn't hurt to have a backup in case the deal falls through.

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