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Is there any way to migrate a Silverlight app to a WPF app without too much code change? Like migrating Flex to Flex Air.

I looked a tutorial here:
It does not help since my Silverlight app has controls from System.Windows.Controls (Silverlight specific) for example.

So the question is: can this be easily achieved? Or this is work in progress by MS?


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Does anyone know? Is this even something on MS's pipeline? Thanks.
This is an incredibly old discussion but I'm a new member on the site, suffering from insomnia tonight and would love to see more activity here, especially in the .NET threads as (shameless self promotion warning) I worked on the CLR team for a few years.

While I'm sure third party applications exist to convert applications back and forth there are two recommendations I would personally make, both of which are probably not as applicable (if at all... two year old thread!) to your current application but I would look hard at these for future projects if supporting both platforms is a requirement:

The first: Prism. Prism, in addition to other neat features, provides a framework for targetting both platforms with minimal code changes.

The second: MVVM as a design pattern which is based on MVC; this enables you to use the same business logic for multiple "views" or, in this case, platforms.

In either case, you're looking at quite a bit of refactoring to support this functionality for existing projects though.
Prism is a great framework. We are currently using Prism for Silverlight and WPF work.

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