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CertGuard exposes sham IT training

Certguard has been saving ‘true’ IT professionals hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the years. Their dedication goes beyond educating individuals on the hazards of using brain dumps, they are also interested in helping you, the training provider, protect your intellectual property.

They currently have over 2000 brain dump websites and roughly 550 File Sharing websites listed in their database which are freely distributing copyrighted materials without the written permission of the owners of the material. Information they have gathered from a variety of sources is collected and kept in a database that is used to collaborate and report similarities between sites, with the ultimate goal of helping you determine what trainers or test preparation materials are not going to put your certifications at risk.

Certguard actively searches for brain dump and proxy-test websites that surface on a daily basis; now you can do some of your own research by looking for the following telltale signs that can alert you to questionable IT training.

A Brain dump consists of questions and answers taken from exams or other tests that have been copyrighted for purposes of protecting Confidential or Trade Secret Information and distributed for purposes of cheating or profit. This process only serves to devalue IT certifications and dishonor the professionals who have obtained them through proper means. Five years ago, CertGuard launched their web site in hopes of exposing these unethical practices and those profiting from it. Its continual mission is to eradicate dishonest and unethical practices from all IT certification training providers. They want to assist you in making the best choice when faced with the wide breadth of IT training providers by sharing the signs you can use to detect IT braindump providers.

The most obvious, is when a site blatantly states "BRAINDUMP", "BRAIN DUMP", "Brain-Dump", or any other form of the word. Despite that fact that these are unfair practices that most people in the IT industry frown upon, there are those select few that still seek out such resources. Therefore, many braindump providers are not uncomfortable announcing that this is their aim. Be sure to avoid such sites, and to notify

The advertisements and verbiage on a website can offer telltale clues that they are a brain dump. If you read between the lines, such sites almost always announce 'Actual Exam Questions & Answers', because that is exactly what they are providing: the actual exam questions and answers illegally obtained.

Braindump Sites are often 'templated' as well; meaning that they will generally look very similar to each other. As you research certifications and legitimate sites more, this one typically becomes obvious and easy to spot.

Braindump Sites generally have very large banks of questions and exams. It can be difficult for legitimate providers to offer materials for each and every exam, considering there are over fifty IT Certification Vendors with anywhere from two to 100 certification tracks available.  Doing so would cost the training provider much more than they could ever hope to make a profit from at that point. If you see a site that offers every single certification available, be wary and do a little more research on them first.

Many legitimate training providers offer a pass guarantee, and of course, like most anything, there are terms and conditions. What braindump sites offer, however, is a guarantee that you will pass the official exam the first time or you get your money back, no terms, no conditions, and no questions asked. The way they can offer this is because they are giving you the exact questions and answers for the exam.

Braindump users have compromised the IT Industry by reducing the value of certifications. Exam takers without solid IT experience are artificially passing exams to better their chances of employment in the industry. As they become employed, they do not provide companies with competent skill sets. This in turn makes them less valuable and reduces the salary IT workers are paid. Ultimately this makes the hard won certifications by legitimate test takers with solid skills and experience suffer.  When it comes to braindumps, nobody wins.

About CertGuard

Founded in 2006, CertGuard is the pioneer of I.T. exam security and certification integrity. CertGuard is the only company actively working to increase the value of I.T. certifications. By working closely with leading vendor certification programs, the company has successfully assisted in banning hundreds of cheaters, closing braindump websites, preventing proxy test takers from operating, and shutting down testing centers around the world that have practiced in illegal and unethical activities. While maintaining a strong presence in I.T. certification newsgroups, the company continues its goal of providing exam security and certification integrity by educating individuals on the proper techniques to achieving I.T. certifications. Its continual mission is to eradicate illegal and unethical practices from all I.T. certification programs.


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