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What are some of your WordPress accomplishments? I'm not a WordPress GURU (yet) but I'm proud of a few sites. Here's a Hawaii photographer site that I built which leverages nextgen-gallery and HighSlide. It also reached the second page of Google for "Hawaii Engagement Photography" after only a few weeks. What are your favorite WP sites and what did you use to build them?

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No Josh, I live on Oahu!  Yup I'm a Wordpress newbie and I love it. Got 3.1 and running MU.

It's been fun checking out all these great WordPress sites!  Lot of great work being done.  


WordPress was our chosen platform for building TEDx Honolulu.  This project was ambitious, so I really stretched myself and learned a lot.  The hardest part for me was setting up an online application system.  I wanted all the forms to get dumped into spreadsheets, to automate the data entry.  


Next project is to build a site to demo my web design services.  Using WordPress, naturally! :)  I've been looking up possible domain names online, seems like all the good names are taken.  D'oh!  


Looking forward to seeing more cool sites from the WP community in Hawaii!

I have been using Wordpress pretty much from the beginning and have tried other CMS but have never found anything that out performs or us more client friendly than WP.  All of the sites I have converted to Wordpress perform better in the search engines, and are much more client friendly than Joomla and CMS made simple which it seemed everyone was using at one time.


Here is a couple of my favorite WP sites: (this was a friends theme we customized from an Italian design to Hawaiian) (this is my site, we are getting ready to redesign actually and it will have a function that if you add your zip code, the site background will change with the weather in your town)



I love wordpress and have been hacking it for a while. Some of my WP sites, 

Here a bunch of our recent site builds, and we have a whole bunch more in the oven:

Let me know what you think!



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