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Interesting job below. See full details here:

Primary Responsibilities:
* Consistently write, translate, and code software programs and applications according to specifications.
* Run and monitor software performance tests on new and existing programs for the purposes of correcting errors, isolating areas for improvement, and general debugging.
* Administer critical analysis of test results and deliver solutions to problem areas.
* Generate statistics and prepare and write reports for management and/or team members on the status of the programming process.
* Assist in the development and maintenance of user manuals and guidelines.- Production release deployment on multiple production environments with no or limited downtime
* Apache / MySQL monitoring and tuning
* Desired Skills & Experience

Minimum Requirements:
* 6+ years PHP Programming Experience
* 2+ years Object Oriented PHP Programming Experience
* Fluent in handling LAMP setup (Linux+Apache+Mysql+PHP)
* Commercial experience in using Memcache/Membase to build and maintain a service with high scale ( high number of concurrent users ).
* Experience in using Facebook, and social games on Facebook
* Passion for gaming and creating a great user experience!

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