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I am a software engineer with a B.S. in mathematics and 14 years of experience, mainly for the NOAA and NASA, including 7 years in Hawaii (with good local references).  I am moving to Oahu in June and looking for work to begin soon.  I also speak Spanish and Mandarin. 

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Does anyone know of companies looking to hire software developers soon? I am flexible, with diverse programming, database and management.  These include object oriented programming (C++,  Object Pascal), algorithmic programming for data analysis (IDL, Matlab and VB for Excel), database development (SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL), and building hardware interfaces to for data acquisition and control of scientific instruments.   I’ve worked in various platforms. Most of my work for NOAA included custom built software applications for a small number of users, so that I managed all phases of the development life cycle and also used the software to process data and publish scientific research.  My experience for NASA was within larger programming communities, so I am also familiar with larger-scale programming best practice (coding standards, source control management, technical documentation, build processes, testing/debugging  operations, etc).

My key strengths are hard work, organization, communication, and the ability to critically analyze and improve situations; these have nothing in particular to do with software, so I am open to new career ideas. I've worked in private and public sectors, and in companies of varying size, culture and geographic location (including Hawaii).

I appreciate any advice offered. Best Regards-

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