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I'm a software developer with the mind of an engineer. Graduated from Caltech in 2001, I've spent the last thirteen years writing software for a variety of companies, including an early complex event processing startup, a major defense contractor, a web development consultancy and an industry R&D consultancy. I believe the key to good software is aligning design with user intuition.

I'm interested in startup opportunities or software research & development work. I worked in Oahu from 2012 to 2013.

QLess, Inc. - Pasadena CA (remote)

January 2012 - Current

Lead Software Developer

  • Enhanced all user applications for new functionality.

  • Overhauled over 80,000 of UI code for an OpenLaszlo upgrade.

  • Integrated several SMS providers.

  • Designed and implemented a new emergency notification product.

  • Restructured and refactored the ETL process.

  • Build custom reports for various customers.

  • Improved the networking performance of a merchant iOS app.

  • Provided three day on-site support for a high value retail client.

  • Supported third-party developers integrate with our web service API.

  • Interviewed over 150 candidates for development and support positions.

Applied Minds, Glendale CA

June 2005 - January 2012

Senior Software Developer

Distributed File Index, Search and Access Project

  • Designed and implemented an ontology for representing file-systems and devices.

  • Designed and implemented file-system event listeners for Windows and Mac OS X.

  • Integrated into Mac OS X and Windows desktop interfaces.

  • Integrated Google Docs and IMAP service indexing.

  • Designed and implemented application installers for Windows and Mac OS X.

Distributed Graph Database Project

  • Designed and implemented a tree-query planning and execution engine.

  • Designed and implemented a JSON-based query and insert web service.

  • Designed a visual query editor with query and result serialization.

  • Supported various dependent projects from optimization to custom code.

  • Data store with lock-free stateless paging capability patent (20060129540)

Education Ontology Project

  • Designed an initial ontology for an educational project that represented the Common Core State Standards with high fidelity.

Distributed Parallel Graph Query Project

  • Designed and developed a parallel processing algorithm for traversing multi-machine graphs based on regular-expression type queries.

Cybersecurity Visualization

  • Designed and developed a prototype hierarchical mission control user interface.

13 years experience with Java

3 years experience with Objective-C

Full resume:

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