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Sanjole looking for a Junior Software Developer/QA position

Junior Software Developer
Sanjole is looking for a junior software developer to work on quality
assurance, support and documentation. With experience, this position could
grow into a position in development of our wireless testing software
product or into management of our QA department. You would begin by
learning our existing documentation, documentation production methods,
frequently asked support questions, and the regression test system for our
software and then work on testing, further automating the test system, and
ongoing improvements to the documentation with help and supervision. You
would use the MS .Net C# development environment for regression testing and
DocBook for documentation. The main tasks performed by our software involve
signal processing and protocol analysis, so experience in those areas is
desirable but not required.

Minimum requirements: B.A. in Computer Science or equivalent experience,
including software development experience with some object-oriented
procedural language (Java, C++, etc.)  Applicants should be skilled at
clear writing, good communicators, and well-organized.   Specific
experience with Microsoft C#, XML, or software testing and quality
assurance is desirable.

Interested applicants should email a resume to,
including "Junior Software Developer (Tech Hui)" in the subject line.

Sanjole ( is a leader in wireless testing solutions. Our
IntelliJudge product performs real-time decoding and analysis of the 3GPP
LTE wireless protocol, and our WaveJudge product performs signal capture
and in-depth analysis for both the WiMAX and 3GPP LTE wireless protocols.

Unofficial note: I've found Sanjole a very pleasant place to work - coworkers are very professional and nice people.  We're located in Manoa.  -- Clifton

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