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Job Description

Real Geeks is looking for Rails developer to craft quality software and help it expand
its business. We are a small team with big ideas taking the online real
estate world by storm. Our CRM is built in Ruby on Rails and we have
some ambitious ideas to make it the best solution in the space.  It is built
using using Redis, Resque, and ElasticSearch.  We have thousands of real
estate websites running a CMS built in Python+Django with a MySQL
datastore.  Some of our solutions include:

  • Real estate data is all stored in MongoDB, served up over an HTTP API written in Python/Tornado
  • Varnish for our front-end caching as well as load-balancing our MongoDB servers
  • Several lower-level services built in Go
  • Celery and Resque for deferred task processing
  • Ansible, Docker, and Fabric for deployment

Skills & Requirements
Comfortable knowledge of Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. MySQL
and ElasticSearch knowledge is a plus.

About The Company
Real Geeks is hoping to foster diversity in our small but
steadily growing team. We are based out of Kailua, Hawaii on the
windward side of the beautiful island of Oahu, which is home to a burgeoning
tech community.  For this position we are looking for someone willing to relocate to Hawaii (if not already here).

To Apply

Send your Resume/CV to

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