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Recently, I have been ordering networking equipment online. A number of suppliers either do not ship to Hawaii or charge very high shipping charges and long delays. However, I notice this can vary significantly.

Does anyone have recommendations on online stores that have good terms and shipping to Hawaii?

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Zappos - now we could just get them carry electronics...

Not exactly what you're looking for, but I've had good success with ShipToHawaii. Overall, I'd say ShipToHawaii is competitive for small boxes 15 pounds or less; anything heavier or large might be better shipped with FedEx and UPS. I've also used their Slow Boat services and found it acceptable for the occasional pallet or two.

For any large items you can purchase and do a "free pick up" in the Greater Los Angeles area, though, I highly recommend contacting H2O Logistics to see if they can provide Door-to-Dock service.

I can't say enough good things about H2O Logistics. I recently bought a Big-Screen LCD TV from a surplus liquidator via Ebay; and H2O Logistics sent their driver to the liquidator's warehouse to inspect the TV (to ensure the panel wasn't cracked), and to take delivery if the test passed.

The TV was then expertly crated by H2O Logistics' crew, and it arrived intact in Honolulu about a week later.

All that service was done for the same price the Surplus Liquidator would've flat-charged to freight-truck it anywhere within the Continental US -- including ShipToHawaii's receiving warehouse, which is also in the Greater LA area. Had I used ShipToHawaii on that one, I'd effectively have been charged twice as much to get it to Honolulu.

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