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My company, Limina, has recently embarked on a new research project: Intranets and the use of Social Media. If you are part of an organization using an intranet and have considered, or are using social media tools, we would love to hear from you!

Some background on Limina… we are a small user experience research and design consultancy. We specialize in user research and complex information design which includes multi‐layered workflows and complex visualizations. We improve user effectiveness, make products easier to learn, simpler to operate, and more meaningful in their function.

If you care to fill out the survey we will be happy to send you a pre-release version of the results once we get everything compiled.

At a high level, the research study is looking at internal company networks and how they are or are not employing social media as a means of increasing or aiding internal communication and productivity. We hope that the results will give us a better idea of the importance of social media on the company intranet as well as where issues currently exist that might be preventing companies from making use of the technology.

Some examples of social media might include instant messaging, blogging, and social networks, among many others.

Our responses will be coming from hundreds and possibly thousands of people at all levels of their organizations. We expect that this approach will give us a more accurate representation of the current conditions.

The survey should only take a few minutes to complete. For all questions, there is a "n/a" (not applicable) answer if the question does not apply to you or your company.

Many thanks,
Mimi Knowles

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