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Hawaiian Hope is now weeks away from the completion of our First - Internet Cafe.
On Christmas Day Hawaiian hope was featured in the Star Bulletin :

As a result of this article, we now have 8 new volunteers. As well, people are still contacting us with various interests of volunteering or donating hardware. If anyone is interested, we are still looking for more volunteers, computers and various components as donations.

January 1st and 2nd, two of our new volunteers painted our entire office. We are now making progress I getting the rest of the room completed. There are several key things we could use if anyone is interested in donating them.
1) someone with an artistic eye to help us decorate
2) Some networking items : a 16 or 24 port network switch, preferably a 10/100/1000, and a 1000' box of cat 5e plenum
3) track lighting

If you are interested in helping us complete our room, please contact us as we have a list of things we could use help with.

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