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Hi, I am currently employed by the Dept. of Physics at UHM, and need to learn how to write programs for Linux with C and C++. I've tried buying all sorts of books, but was told that I need a tutor because of all my questions. A class at UHM would cost too much, which is why I am looking for a private tutor to teach me and answer my questions over the course of the summer.

Please let me know as soon as you're able!

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I've been using Linux tools with C and C++ for a little over half a year, so I'm familiar with it, but I'm no expert. It depends on how much you intend to do and how much experience you have, but the internet should be good enough to learn most of it. As for what to look up:

If this is your first time programming or you haven't done programming in C or C++ then you should focus on learning the standard parts of the languages first. That will be enough for most console-based programming projects.

If you've already done programming in C or C++, you won't need to learn much, unless you intend to use Linux-specific system calls or libraries. What will be new to you is the Linux/Unix toolchain - specifically: Bash, make, and the GCC.

Feel free to ask me questions.

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