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NanoMechs has been released and now can be purchased on the Appstore!

NanoMechs is a high speed, multiplayer shooter for the iPhone. Awesome real-time multiplayer action over WI-FI, with gorgeous graphics. Gameplay can be compared to popular 1st person shooters, except in 2D!!

Go check it out! If you happen to buy it ($.99) please give it a decent rating, the ratings are huge when it comes to the success of the game! Thank you!

You can can watch the video at or on YouTube at

-Real-Time Multiplayer Wi-Fi Action
-High-Speed game play
-8 people can battle it out in high-speed simultaneously!
-3 BIG Weapons (to blow up your friends)
-Missle Launcher
-Particle Accelerator Cannon
-Big blue Laser
-more to come…
-4 NanoMechs to choose from and more on the way!
-Death Match Game Mode
-Time-Attack Game Mode Against the Artificial Intelligence
-Cool Robotic Sound F/X
-Amazing graphics
-White-Knuckle Shooter Excitement!

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New version submitted to the App Store and have been in review for many days now. That means that it's coming soon!

Version 1.1 fixes the bug that would not allow NanoMechs run on iDevices earlier than 3.0!

Version 1.2 is about ready to be submitted. It includes online leader boards (thanks to AGON) and it also includes a flakcannon style of weapon!

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