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Multilingual Sr. Mechanical Engineer/Manager with 10+ years Domestic & Multi-national experience

Seeking a Career with an organization offering opportunities in career development and stimulating assignments where I can fully utilize my broad and diverse experience, qualifications, education, technical ability and people/leadership skills to bring the highest possible quality products to customers efficiently and successfully.


●  “Hands-on” multilingual Sr. Engineer/Manager w 10+ years Domestic/Intl experience creating technological innovation in Aerospace/Defense, Systems Engineering, Design/Development, Reliability/Quality/Qualification, Test Integration/Design/Execution/Measurement, Verification/Validation, New Product Introduction, MEMS/Nano, Failure Review, Systems Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing Analysis, Software, Manufacturing, Management, Teaching & Start-Ups as well as Teaching.

●  Strong interpersonal skills working w all levels of Management & Peoples of various ethnicities/cultures.

●  Significant experience at both start-up organizations & well established companies.

●  Proposal writing/presentations/public speaking to Government entities seeking Grant Capital for Start-Ups.

●  Expertise leading others, collaborating/influencing across boundaries.

●  Tenacious ability to brainstorm & continuously think “Out of the Box” until objectives are met, and to to identify new ways to problem-solve/trouble-shoot Test, Design, Quality,
Reliability & Manufacturing Issues.

●  Skilled identifying novel ways to problem-solve/trouble-shoot design/development/test/reliability & mfg issues combined w superior engineering skills

●  Synthesize resources/teams to deliver objectives by energizing individuals’ enthusiasm to engage projects proactively & maximize their contribution, creating a “success minded” organization to meet objectives.

●  Extensive knowledge of product methodology: concept, develop, design, mfg, market intro & project execution.

●  Expert Time-Proven ability to deRisk Client's investments by multi-tasking & streamlining objectives, product development & test, and by implementing cost-saving ideas in Product / Productivity / Test / Yield / Manufacturing improvements yielding increased company productivity/profit.


●  Career as engaged contributor w a high growth visionary Org offering development & stimulating assignments, allowing utilization of broad/diverse experience, qualifications, education, technical ability & people/leadership skills to bring highly innovative/robust quality products/services to customers efficiently/successfully.

●  Opportunity w innovative high tech products/services to improve Life, in harmony w Earth

●  Promote Hawai'ian culture values & respect when working in unison towards a common constructive goal.

●  Community Leader promoting responsible stewardship/harmony between People & Nature while strengthening cultural/spiritual connections.

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