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I have a new business in Virginia providing content and UX services for (primarily) small businesses. Since the business uses freelancers and has no brick-and-mortar office, my wife and I have wanted to try moving to Hawaii and using that as our base. I spent some time in Hawaii back in the '90's, and Hawaii is much more like my wife's native Japan than Virginia is. My concern is that there might not be enough business to support making the move. How is Hawaii for providing small business funding and incentives? Is the IT landscape vibrant enough to support local businesses?  Thanks!

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Cost of living may be tough to get used to.  Traffic I'm used to, as a commute up to DC can easily take 2 hours.  Culture shock and xenophobia is probably no better or worse than Richmond, where if you weren't born into a niche, you don't get in.  It's like a feudal system, except the royalty are all inbred mountain folk.  Or, possibly a scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  :)

Anyway, thanks for the feedback.  I may pop back in with some more questions, as reality checking can be tricky from here.  

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