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Meetups with Military Contractors or Tech Departments of the Military

Pretty new to Hawaii and new to this forum.  I did a small search in the archives and didn't come up with exactly what I was looking for, so deciding to post something new.


I'm interested in meeting people who are doing business with the military (tech-related) and learning about available projects and opportunities present or near-future.


The specific segment I would like to focus on is cyber-security.  Stress-testing applications, or building tools and applications to determine cyber-security threats are two specialities.  


I would be particularly keen to hear from someone who has done this before.  


Civilian contracts or projects for company's who require cyber-security work are also welcome - really I just want to hear from those who have come before me and recognize that I'm standing on the shoulders of giants :)

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This is a hot topic, but getting an open discussion of it is very unlikely. You are better off pursuing commercial contacts.

- bri

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