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I've recently launched my new website

The site design itself is nothing special as it's obviously just WordPress and a template since my skills as a web programmer are modest.  However, I plan to post something on this site at least once daily to keep adding content and build up an archive of useful tech information, tips, software, and anything else that interests me.  If you're like me at all, most of what I post will not be rock-shaking news to you, but occasionally you'll find something you can use.  Hopefully you won't find the design too eye-scraping to enjoy some of the content.  For the record, the theme I used was "Zombie Apocalypse"... of course, I had to remove the dead hand and blood drippings, but I DID leave the bullet holes in the footer.


The phone number on the site goes to my sales associate.  If you'd like to reach me personally, send me a message through this site and I'll send back my phone number or email for further correspondence.


Enjoy and aloha!



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