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I just converted our companies website over to the new design on Monday and now working out all the kinks. The old website was all html and it had been up for almost 10 years. It has very good rankings in Google, so what I had to do is convert my database into HTML for now so that Google won't kick our rankings down. What has been the best solution for dealing with this kind of dilemma?

Some things to keep in mind when checking out the site, we are doing this in 3 phases. Phase 1 was to introduce our eStore, something the company never had. Phase 2 the rest of the site we just used all the content from the original site and just converted it to the new design. We are in the process of getting all the furniture photographed proffesionally, so that it all looks consistent and we'll be adding lots more content to the furniture section as well. Phase 3 we will be adding a corporate gift section.

Still lots of kinks and some broken links when I converted the database to html, so lots of sleepless nights doing the fixes.

Any thoughts/suggestions/ideas would be great! Here's the link:

and for anyone who is curious as to what the old website looks like I have a couple of pages still loaded as an example of where they were, and the direction they are going now.

here's an old link:


Brian Park-Siart
Manager, E-Business
Martin & MacArthur
Corporate Office & Furniture Showroom
1815 Kahai Street | Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Phone (808) 845-6688 | Cell (808) 754-2862

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Congrats on your launch! I just took a quick peek around your site, and found a few things that you might want to look at:

Looks like you have most of your styles embedded with the content. This has some major drawbacks, such as more markup = bigger file size, design changes require you to edit a ton of pages, etc.
Looks like this has quite a few links to your old site content.

Do you use google webmaster tools? Use it to see crawl stats, 404 errors (missing pages), search query position for terms, etc - important to see your site from google's eyes.

Migrating sites (especially larger ones) can be quite a challenge. Good luck!

Thanks Mark!

Yes, I do understand that I need to get all my embedded css into css files. Oh and thanks about the sitemap! I knew I had to redo it after I uploaded the main pages. Been working almost 24/7 on this for the past few months just to make the deadline. And I do use Google's webmaster tools. I've just been looking at this too much and needed the extra "eyes" to bring me back to reality... ;)

And yes, this is my second time I had to migrate a companies website. We have the official launch the same day we have our grand opening of the new flagship store at Ward Center next Saturday. After that I'll have room to breath and get some of the more important work done other than the new "look". of the website.

Again, thanks for the comments/suggestions! Much appreciated!

Malama Pono!

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