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Making governments more transparent and accessible to the public by using technology

Recently came across this post, which describes an initiative for a more transparent legislature. Interestingly enough, this is becoming a global initiative, where governments of different countries are uniting in an effort to simplify their everyday responsibilities by utilizing technology.

Do you think this will impact our everyday lives? If so, then in which ways? How soon can this transition happen, and what would be an optimal outcome?

Thank you for your feedback.

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Transparancy, as a concept, is going to be real hard to nail down for government. since it's an analogy of a property belonging to some real world object. You might as well say, we need to have more conductivity in government. it means nothing really.

As a political leverage of sorts, I guess one could come up with definitions to implement the concept.. and it might be smoke and mirrors for implementing something one doesn't understand, without any real measure of success to start with.

what is being communicated really? what is being sold?

I think what it means is the administration wants to fund projects which explicitly define assets, expenses, and income; which is to answer when, where, how much, and on what are we spending money on.

It's not new. remember GASB 34?

it might also mean something else, more along the social capital side... but since we have really only seen the economist mobilized, it is not clear if socially aware technology will be part of the solution.

we shall see.
Here is another blog, that claims Google Translate can now speak 51 languages. This could very well link to transparency, removing language as a barrier to entry. Sort of like speaking in 'Google' language :-)

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