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Looking for Ruby on Rails work locally on the islands

Am looking for Ruby on Rails architect/development work on the islands. Am based in Oahu. Shoot me an email if there is any interesting work nizwer (at) nizwer (dot) com

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No disrespect, Nizwer, I'm sure you're a very capable developer... but your resume seems geared more toward Java/JSP development, rather than anything to do with Ruby or Rails.

Perhaps some tweaking of the resume and maybe a few sites that showcase your capabilities with Ruby on Rails would be helpful? I'm only suggesting this, as I'm inferring you've only gotten into Rails on your most recent project of October '08.

If I were a Hiring Manager, or working in HR to screen resumes, I'd be looking to verify a minimum of X years of Rails experience on the resume, but I'd be willing to forego that requirement if there's an impressive live example I can review on the 'net.

Best of luck in finding leads. :-)
Laurence, your point is well taken. Am fully aware of the absence of RoR samples of my work to showcase on the web. I am working on a RoR based portal but will be showing that to the public only when it is close to going live. Not looking for Java work at all, have put in many years of SAP Internet Pricing and Configuration on the web (Java/JSP/Struts), but in recent years SAP stopped supporting a stand alone version of the IPC so consulting has all but dried up. Plus there never was any IPC work on the islands. The J2EE world has been saturated with packages, libraries, acronyms so much so that I don't particularly care to continue in that direction. On the other hand RoR is a lot more exciting. I delight in writing compact code.

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