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Hi All,

We have very specialized performance needs on the iPhone which include both open OpenGL and NEON programming.  To access the NEON DSP you use the Accelerate Framework.  We are looking for a contract programmer who is experienced in taking existing C code and effectively using Accelerate to take advantage of the DSP.  The project includes both the coding and the necessary performance analysis.   OpenGL experience is a plus but not required.


Please contact me if you are interested or know somebody who might be interested.  Location is not important.


Thank you,


Ken Berkun, President

Labels That Talk

808 254 1609


PS – For those of you who are curious, we moved our unsharp mask function from C to OpenGL (which uses the GPU) and saw a 1000 times improvement in performance and that is not a typo. (That was on the iPhone 4, it might be even better on the 4s!)  Moving to NEON is less dramatic, but if the code is appropriate we should see an 8 to 12 times improvement.  Unfortunately the iPhone does not give you full access to the GPU, so only graphics related functions can run on the GPU.  But the Accelerate Framework gives you full access to the NEON DSP.

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