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The University of Hawaii Maui College is looking for a full time Webmaster.  You can find more information at work at UH ( select Maui campus under the job search.  I have also added the position description for those interested.


  • Responsible for the development,maintenance and continuous improvement of UHMC Website and Linked sites.
  • ** Write programs for interactive use & posting/collaboration functions .
  • **Enhance and modify website for attracting, orienting, recruiting and supporting students from admission, completing learning outcomes to graduation and employment placement **Position website for greater visibility to market  website advertising space.
  • Incorporate Google Analytics and other tools into the website to increase exposure.
  • Recommend  improvements to the website.
  • Apply website architecture mastery to facilitate users access to UHMC content
  • Solicit feedback and systematically evaluate the appearance and effectiveness of the  website.
  • Collaborate with UH System webmaster  on innovations and compatibility
  • Convert, reorganize, resize files and incorporate updates into website.
  • Schedule and solicit documents, photos, video and other files updates.
  • Ensure ADA website compliance in faculty and campus – unit website extensions
  • Assist campus unit website developers and guide uniform presentations of  UH-Maui
  • College info.
  • Provide faculty/staff training in use of posting functions  and  website development improvement and maintenance
  • Represent UHMC at  web-related meetings, contribute to and report outcomes.
  • Ongoing enhancement and design of new pages for UH-Maui College info website.


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I could not find this listing when I did the job search a few days ago, is it still up?

Looks like it's been changed to the Web Developer position.

Yes the job is still posted.  search for position number 0081204

I know it's been several months, but is this job still open?

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