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Hello All,


I am currently looking for a Developer with ASP.NET and AJAX experience in Hawaii.  Please email me at if you want to hear more.


Thank you!



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Not a criticism, just a suggestion.

For a position of this caliber, it would be extremely helpful to specify what kind of industry the position is for, and what kind of projects the candidate would expect to work on.

In automotive terms, a vague ad like this would be seeking candidates for a Master Mechanic, but not specifying whether they'd be working on Toyotas or Ferraris.


Thank you so much for the feedback.  This is the first time I have advertised a position through TechHui so feedback is greatly appreciated.  The position is with our client's Application Development Team, full job description attached.  Chosen candidates will be responsible for writing the technical specs for the heads down coders.  I hope that helps! ~ Gena 



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