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Hello all,


I am graduating with a computer science degree around June.  

I would like to get some input/advice on if I should stay in California or go back to Hawaii.


Thank you for your time and I appreciate any help,

Takahiro Kuwayama


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     I would have to say that the job market in Hawaii is not that good at all.  It would be much better to stay in California and if possible head towards San Jose, Silicon Valley.  That is where I plan to head within the next few months =)
Certainly a lot of tech in Northern California. That being said, most of us here on the mainland with Hawai'i roots, are always looking for opportunities to move back. I'd say put the feelers out in both places.

Thank you very much for your inputs.  I will keep that in mind while I am on my job search.


Takahiro Kuwayama

In recent months dual use companies have shed many developers due to federal money drying up. This has made the job market a bit tougher. As always, if you are at the top of your game in an in-demand area such as iOS development you will get offers, but people right out of school may have a tough time. Hopefully we will see the job market rebound later in the year.

While there obviously aren't as many technology companies here in Hawaii as there are in California - there are opportunities if you're willing to realize that you may not make as much as the mainland and you have to deal with the consistently beautiful weather! :)


That being said, just having a computer science degree is not enough anymore. Have you done any programming outside of school? Are you interested/experienced with .NET, Java, Ruby, iOS, Android, etc.? Many companies will hire recent college graduates that have had some programming background (not necessarily in the flavor that they're using) for entry level positions and will be willing to teach you once you get on board.


One such local company is HMSA (AKA the Hawaii Medical Service Association or Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaii). They have openings for entry level Application Developers and well as positions for more experienced tech folks. In fact, they have over a dozen open technology positions. Everything from Systems Analysts to DBAs to Software Engineers and more!


There are technology jobs in Hawaii - just be persistent! Good luck!

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