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Help our school's Cognitive Science lab -- give an old machine

I'm rebuilding an old eye tracking system for our school which was donated to us by another school. It's 24 years old! However, it works fine, at least, if you can plug in the card into an ISA slot! We've got updates for the card drivers so that we can get it to run on DOS, Windows 95 or Windows 98. And the input/output card itself is updated as well. It's only 16 years old! I've included the PDF.

Ideally, what I need: A machine that works well, can run Windows 98, and has a free ISA slot.

At the minimum, we need the motherboard. There is no funding, so this would be a donation. And, it's unofficial, so I don't think I can give you a tax form to deduct it. In fact I've edited this message to remove the name of the school, since I"ve learned that I'm not allowed to use their name anywhere in a request for a donation.

EDIT: {sigh} after further discussions about donations and this school, modifying the message again to distance it more...

DISCLAIMER: This is a personal request, made by me, and does not constitute a request for a donation by any institution, named or unnamed, implicit or explicit.

Can anyone help?

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I'm not certain, but Curtis may have an extra from his push for computers for the centers he is setting up for homeless kids. We donated a few earlier this year.

Let me know if you don't find anything by EOM. If not, I'll include a note in our newsletter.
Sprout has a computer for you. Can you pick it up at the Manoa Innovation center? Feel free to call me +1 (808) 393-9119.
Thank you, Dan, Mika, Curtis, the people at Sprout, everyone involved who helped me to get the machine we need. I've sent off a message to my team at the mysterious school and they are quite excited.
Hi Erik - Glad we could help. The router testing company I mentioned is Spirent. Sanjole, also an MIC company, works in wireless test equipment. The mesh computing company upstairs is Concentris. There is another company here working on interactive TV set-top boxes, but I don't recall which one. I hope this info is helpful.
Unrelated to your request about the ISA-having motherboard, but can you tell me something about the eye-tracking hardware and what you're planning to do with it? I've been working with face detection and face recognition lately and it's very possible that you could move to a USB/Firewire camera-based solution with software doing the eye-tracking.

related to your problem I looked at PCA-to-ISA bus adapters and the few I looked at were $600+, and based on limited demand, I guess those aren't going to get cheaper anytime soon...

-- Nate
Did you find a machine with ISA slots? If not, I might know someone that can help you.
Thank you, I already have a machine now. However, I haven't actually tried to run it with the software involved, so if it doesn't work out, don't throw out those ISA machines yet! :)

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