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What's up everybody!  Here's a little information about me.  I'm 28 and a System Administrator currently working and living in Minnesota.  I've grown up and lived here my whole life. I have a B.A. in computer science and have 10+ years of IT experience.


So then why do I want to be part of a Hawaiian tech community you may ask?  Well I have family that lives in Hawaii who I have visited many times before for weeks at a time.  I love Hawaii and I would like to move there in the future.  One major hurdle I would have about moving there is the whole job situation.  I am not in a position where my job can be transferred to Hawaii.  Does anybody have any advice for a mainlander who would like to obtain an IT job in Hawaii?


I will be visiting Hawaii again over the Christmas holiday for around 10 days.  What kind of research, reconnoissance and/or networking might be helpful for me?


I have a solid job now that I would like to work at for another 10-12 months.  One reason is so I can continue to save money and another is because I will be learning a few more skills to add to my repertiore.  With all that given, what would be a good angle for me to position myself in for a move to Hawaii a year or so down the road?




- DJ Agate

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