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Has anyone used or considered using haXe (very unforunately pronounced "hex"). I was looking at it because it can generate Flash (even Flash 10) as a compile target, but it has other compile targets listed on the features page.

I spent much of the past month looking at Web 2.0 stuff because I was extremely unfamiliar with the tools people use. What I found beyond the straightforward stuff (javascript libraries) is that there's a LOT of attempted tool/language re-use. haXe allows you to learn one language and do multiple things with it. Other things I saw: Cappuccino and Objective-J let you leverage your Objective-C (iPhone/OS X/GNUstep) knowledge to do client-side web programming. There's server-side javascript, which can be used to verify input with the same functions you used on the client side -- good in case you run into some rogue/forging clients, I suppose. Are there other uses of server-side javascript? Does anybody actually write apps on the server side entirely in javascript? This would let the front-end guys into the back-end world to some extent, quite the opposite of what GWT has done for Java -- which allows you to write Java and have it magically turn into Javascript, as Dan Leuck demonstrated at the Eclipse User's Group recently. Philip Johnson recently mentioned the Apache Wicket project, which appears to do the same thing (I think a Wicket vs GWT (GXT) comparison would be a great discussion, btw). Adobe Air allows you to do desktop development using Javascript (among other things).

What else is out there that allows for multiple use?

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It was good chatting today. Thank you for telling me about haXe. At first glance, it looks like a really powerful language and standard library. I look forward to checking it out in more detail over the weekend. If only we had more hours in the day! So many interesting technologies, so little time...



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