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Hardware Needed ! Mice, Keyboards, Flat panel Monitors.



Hawaiian Hope is about to do something wonderful ! (again and again as long as we can !)


On Monday May 9th, Hawaiian Hope ( is going to make 105 dreams come true. Every student in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades of Hau'ula Elementary School, 105 students in all, will receive as a gift a full computer system to take home.  YES, We are giving away 105 computers on a single night.


Here is the dilemma...  after this event, we will still have 700 computers in stock. (yes, 700 !)  However, we are completely out of mice, keyboards, flat panel monitors, hard drives and even .... power cords ? (go figure that one)

In fact, we are short 30 PS2 mice for the event, 5 flat panel monitors and about 10 keyboards.


We NEED Hardware ! Small kine stuffs to make the bigger stuff work right.


Items we are always low on are :

1) Flat panel monitors.

2) Hard Drives, 40 gig and larger, we can certify a data wipe if you need us to.

3) RAM chips - 256 meg and larger - any style.

4) Mice. PS2 especially.

5) Keyboards.


ps...  $$$ donations are always welcome too... hehehehe

Check out our website and projects page at :


We are currently operating out of the "SIMPLY STORAGE"  (  self storage facility located directly next to Best Buy in Honolulu, 500 Alakawa.  Please contact us ASAP and make arrangements to drop off your donations. I will be there most of the day for the next few days, often till about 8 PM.



Until we get more room, we can NOT accept donations of printers, scanners and fax machines. 
Please consider posting a listing on Criagslist or FreeCycle :

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