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Got several emails about this. I'm thinking many of us could benefit from having such a service. Do we have the lines coming into Hawaii that could support such throughput? Is there anyone we know in City government that could respond to this RFI? Even if we didn't get selected, it would be interesting to watch such a project in motion in that there are a ton of potential issues that could come up as obstacles to such an endeavor.







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Updated! And, invited my network :)

Daniel Leuck said:
Mahalo for your support Neenz! We agree - the numbers are currently disappointing and its an uphill battle. Some people were having trouble with PetitionSpot so we made it even easier to "sign" by creating a Facebook page. Would you mind updating your post? Again, mahalo nui loa for your valuable support!

I finally signed the petition and was disappointed with the numbers! So, I wrote a blog post and will be blasting it out to my network, often until the deadline. C'mon Hawaii! :)

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