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Aloha all, I run almost all of my business functions on Google Business.  What I need is an app that will allow me to set the working hours of my employees.  My business hours are 7 am to 4 pm, I do not want my employees logged into their accounts any other time.  Currently, I will manually suspend each user but this is a pain as the business grows or I forget to turn on/off an account.  Is their an app that will do this for me?  Thanks!

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You can probably do this with FlashApps, but wouldn't it be better to limit access to IPs within your network? Are your employees on-site?

Dan,  Thanks for the tip.

I can control their access to the computers they work on at work but my question was about accessing their Google accounts after they leave the office.  

Hi Jack - Apologies if I'm not fulling understanding your requirements, but doesn't preventing Google Apps access from outside your office solve this problem, or do you need to allow external access (i.e. access from home) during work hours? If restricting access to an IP range is acceptable, you can use a Google Apps admin tool such as EasyConnect.

Alternatively, using the SSO feature of Google Apps, you can use external authentication systems that allow you to set rules such as date and time ranges for logins.

You can do this with GControl. Kinda curious about your requirement though? Compliance concerns? In my experience the more restrictive you make a system, the more likely people will migrate content elsewhere to circumvent it.

Anyway, also keep in mind if you have people traveling you'd have to modify this for them.


 - bri

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