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By Leo von Wendorff

Global entrepreneurs market to their tribe. Ever heard the expression: “You are one in a million”? Even if your commercial needs and wants are so unique that you are one in a million, there are still 7,000 people just like you with the same unique needs and wants. Most of these people who are just like you are in your tribe. Right now bloggers are your tribe – people like you who enjoy blogging; when you go home your family is your tribe; when you go fishing your fishing buddies are your tribe, and so on.

Many if not all your tribes are global. Economies are global. Art, music, business, cooking and you are global. It doesn’t matter if one likes it or not. Some people choose to ignore it. Indeed, one can be on the Titanic and chose to ignore that that the ship is sinking. But that won’t stop it from sinking. The Internet and modern media transcended geographic and cultural borders. The FIFA World Cup - soccer - is a prime example. People connect with each other by sharing their love for the game. Same with cooking, music, art, business, whatever your passion is… Your tribe is global.

Global entrepreneurs create a service or a product they like and market it to their tribe. The idea itself for the product or service is not nearly as important as the execution. An idea not executed is still just that: an idea. Global Entrepreneurs commercialize their strength. When Volkswagen builds a factory, they not only require their suppliers to deliver the part just-in-time, they also require them to put it onto the car. VW employs only a handful of engineers at these factories. These business concepts are not just for large multi-nationals. In fact, small and micro-businesses are the new multinationals.

My college roommate, who has been bouncing from temp-job to temp-job, is an avid musician. Every day he writes and home records his songs. He’s hoping for the big breakthrough. In the meantime, VKWinc now helps him to open a home recording store – an online store with various home recording solutions with ample personal advice for his customers. He’s already connected with people who are just like him sharing his experiences worldwide. His store will advertise on the forums and places he hangs out. Before VKWinc, he didn’t know how to start and run such a store. VKWinc will operate the store for him including order placement, customer service, bookkeeping and filing taxes. Whereas, he will decide which products to feature, answer specific customer questions and connect with his tribe as usual. Instead of pitting one economy against another, global entrepreneurs find win-win situations in collaborating globally.

In conclusion, it wasn’t until the industrial revolution that we had such a thing as factory jobs and mass-labor employers. Before, we were all entrepreneurs. Now, we’re in a renaissance of entrepreneurship …and today’s entrepreneurship is global.

Leo von Wendorff is the President of VKWinc and a global entrepreneur. VKWinc increases the productivity and income of their clients by allocating sales, operations and accounting tasks to a Virtual Private Assistant. Leo can be reached at 212-231-0017.

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