Hawaiʻi's Technology Community is holding their liquidation sale, and there's a lot of stuff on sale at crazy low prices.

ATX Power Supplies
System RAM

In particular, the "old-style" 168-pin, 256 Meg DIMMs for $8 apiece should work in most of the older PCs donated to Hawaiian Hope - a bulk order of these could go a long way toward getting more machines into a satisfactory operating condition.

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Thanks Lawrence for posting this !

YES ! RAM is always a problem with us. A lot of the older computers only have 2 ram slots, and typically 2 - 128 meg sticks. Just this past week i had one of our volunteers test and count all of our ram chips. We found we have over 50 chips that are basically useless to us. 64 Meg and 128 Meg in values. We can really use a lot more ram, and the 256 meg chips would go a long way.

Or.. does anyone know of any gadgets to piggyback several ram chips into a single slot ?

Another thing in this arena we could use is a decet ram tester, or if anyone has one that we can borrow for a little while.



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