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Freelance: HTML5 vs. Flash consultation for game development



We're developing two educational games with a textbook publisher. In the past we've developed in Flash, but I'm wondering whether we could do these games in HTML5 (and whether it makes sense to do so). 


We have a game design document that's complete enough that someone who knows HTML5 (and, ideally, Flash) could look through it and tell me what would be easy, what would be difficult, and where the tradeoffs would be for this specific project. And that's the someone I'm looking for. I'd prefer someone on Maui, just because I'm based there, but that's not a requirement. It could also be a company, as long as they have the right talent. 


This is a freelance, paid-by-the-hour gig. If things work out, there's a possibility that it could evolve into a contract to actually develop the two games for us, but that's not a sure thing. 


You can PM me or email me at At you can have a look at some of our other work to get a sense of what we do. And the file I've enclosed here is an initial concept for the UI for one of the two games. 




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