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Finding an engineering company in Hawaii to develop an idea for a revolutionary tech product.

Hi all,

I'm looking for a local engineering firm I can work with to develop a revolutionary idea that has the potential to be a game-changer in the field.  We have most of the details worked out for how the product will work, and are now looking for a Hawaii-based company that can develop a working prototype for us.  

We have spoken with several companies in Seattle and Portland who are able to do what we need, but would much prefer to work with a local company.  I thought I would give it a shot on TechHui before we go and sign a NDA with one of the mainland companies.  Also, I'm not too sure what we should expect to spend on developing this product, but research seems to point to the ballpark of $100-150K.  Does anyone have any experience with the development of simple electronic devices, and the associated costs?  We are currently applying for an SBA loan as well, but are open to pursuing other avenues for funding.  Any advice/help is greatly appreciated.



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Hi Kai. Rapid Technologies does some of this, although they specialize in 3D printing for prototypes. Their COO, Russ Ogi, said he is happy to point you in the right direction. He works with other local engineering companies with various specializations. Phone: 808 521-9540
Try Greg Gariss, here on TechHui.
Thanks for the suggestions, Mika and Ken! I actually spoke with Wayne Karo yesterday, and he was very helpful. I will try contacting Russ Ogi and Greg Gariss as well for additional input. Thanks again!

Have you found someone to assist? I may be able to help.

Contact me if you are still looking.


Aloha Kai, is this a communications type device? I know of a local light manufacturing firm that I could refer. Mahalo, Daris Hao email:

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