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Aloha kakou,

Just curious. Where do you go to get your news? I've got the Honolulu Advertiser as one of my "favorites", read WSJ, and Daily Finance, but I read this morning that Facebook was the "#4 source of visits to News and Media sites last week"

Made me curious. Where do you go for your news? More specifically do you view social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter as places to turn for your news? Farmville updates sure. Pet Society, most definitely, I'm always interested in catching up with my friends over a meaningful conversation about their latest addition to their Pet Society ohana, "But Kolohe girl's SO CUTE!" hahaha sorry for the tangent, I can't stand those updates, or the bejewelled updates for that matter. Drive me crazy.

So, given the fact that probably a good 65% of all the "updates" I tend to see are these useless game updates. I have to ask, are people REALLY using Facebook as a way to disseminate news?  Additionally, and more importantly, in this day and age where it's hard to throw a cyber rock with out hitting some online news source, where are you turning for your news?

Just curious. A hui hou kakou,


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NPR on a mobile device does the trick for me :)

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