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SDC HAWAII LLC is a Hawaii-based, start-up software development company. We are currently developing the software that drives stands for Content Hub and Identity Management Platform.’s service gives you a free .mp domain and website that serves as the hub for your online identity. With the tools provided by the service you can set up a rich profile, import and merge your contacts from across the web, share your web content such as blogs and photo albums, and create levels of privacy so that you can determine who sees what about you. For more information on, please go to For an idea of what sites look like, please visit

Job Title: Community Management Assistant

This is a full-time position for a person who understands technology and is well versed on the web and social networks. This person must enjoy writing and providing customers with extraordinary support. Primary responsibilities include providing research and support to the Community Director, responding to customer service questions and helping develop the product direction by analyzing feedback from our customers. Someone who is tech-savvy, patient, self-starting, loves networking, marketing, research and organization will thrive in this job.

Annual Salary: Salary will be commensurate with the individual’s experience. Range begins at $30,000.


Work Experience: A background in technology, customer service and/or social networks is a plus.

Education: This job requires a lot of writing. The successful candidate must be able to swiftly and concisely respond to customer support queries. A person who is challenged by spelling or grammar will not be considered for the position.

Technology: A love for technology, social networking, and an understanding of the possibilities of the web is a must. Knowledge of any of the following is a plus: HTML, BBpress, Wordpress, Mac, SQL, Open Source, or OpenID.

Travel: There may be travel to conferences on the mainland. The trips usually last no longer than a few days, but may be as long as a week.

Vocabulary: If you like to tweet, blog, check your google analytics reports and update your status, this might be the job for you.

Opportunity: The right person will help develop the entire community management platform for and have the opportunity to grow along with the company.

Other Considerations:

Must have own transportation to get to/from events outside the office on occasion.

Must be available to work nights and/or weekends as needed.

Please send cover letter and resume to Also, please tell us where we can find you on the web.

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Hey Mike. We sent a couple people your way (no fee - just trying to help.) I hope one of them works out for you. Good luck with your search!

There are a lot of talented people looking for jobs right now. Its a good time to be hiring.
Thank you Dan...we appreciate your support!

While the economy in general is in tough shape our little company is at a very exciting point in its history. We're still a tiny little start-up with all the hard work, excitement, risks and potential rewards that come along with that. I can guarantee that whoever joins our team will have the opportunity to learn a great deal and make a contribution to what eventually becomes.


Daniel Leuck said:
Hey Mike. We sent a couple people your way (no fee - just trying to help.) I hope one of them works out for you. Good luck with your search!

There are a lot of talented people looking for jobs right now. Its a good time to be hiring.
Aloha Brian - Sorry you were disappointed. We are not registering domains shorter than four characters at this point in time.

Since is intended to be a personal identity platform for people on the web I would suggest that you consider using something that corresponds more closely to your off-line identity....possibly

Let me know if you have not yet selected a domain...I'll be happy to help! :-)

Brian Russo said:
I wanted to register something like or but I guess those are all blocked, boo :/
Hi Mike, I recently submitted my resume and am very interested in the role and the company. Is the position still open? If so, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to further discuss. Kind Regards, John

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