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I really wanted to become a technician in Hawaii for my career but, I don't know how well the environment is processing with new technology and operating systems, computers are being released every year as everything is beginning to change into a new generation. Nearly 2013, I've graduated college majoring in Game Design and Development worked a lot with Autodesk 3Ds Max and XNA. I have a passion for working with both programs creating models but, hardly I never got the time, chance to build my own games yet. I am thinking about getting my certificate in A++ and Security+ by CompTIA as it'll help benefit me with my own business in the future possibly although as of now I am concerned and focused on finding out what's out there in my field or something I could qualify to be also hired with any employers that pays more then $20.00+ an hour rather then minimum wage. I'm looking forward on finding a job that will help benefit my needs and financially stable myself and family.

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