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I am currently working for Milli Micro Systems, Inc and we deliver Microsoft Certified Workshops. As a Marketing and Business Analyst for MMS - I would like to reach out to other TechHui members to establish business for this company in Oahu. MMS goal is to hire local instructors to provide the on-going workshops in Oahu.

Mili Micro Systems is currently on the island of Oahu providing military training on Vista, Windows Server 2003 for the MCSE certification. The company has ongoing contracts to provide military training and certifications.

We’re in the process with the State of Hawaii and City of Honolulu of becoming training vendors for ETF and WorkLinks to provide workshop on Microsoft Office 2007, Project Management, and Workforce development training based on the employment market in Oahu.

In three weeks I am moving to the Big Island to live and relocate "Wise Computer Technical Solutions". WCTS will continue working with MMS to create workshops for Oahu and other Hawaiian islands.

* WCTS is a virtual office since 1997 employing consultants on many projects from technical documentation, business analyst, project managers and technical staff.

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