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Participates in case management, survey collection, sample collection and data analysis. Contributes to the plan, design, development, and implementation of a database which combines clinical, research and operational information. Design, create, and maintain multiple databases for case management, sample collection and patient information. Design user interfaces; actively writes complex queries for data extraction and manipulation; Creates and analyzes weekly, monthly, yearly metrics. Provides ad hoc queries to investigators and researchers to further patient-oriented research by facilitating the dissemination of information within the NCS. Assists in the transmission of data to the central NCS office for further analysis to comply with NCS specifications. Contributes to data entry activities and participates in data security and data integrity best practices to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of NCS servers and databases. Follows the policies documented in the disaster recovery plan to maintain up-to-date backups and restore the system in case of a disaster. Other duties as assigned.


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