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I'm trying to figure out what type of jobs there are in Hawaii that is always hiring. I've planning on going UH for Information Technology because its something that I like to do and there always usually hiring for technicians. Not many people know how computers work or fix including as a freelance work or even training/exercise for school, tutoring helping out people you can earn money off the table/volunteer work. I was wondering if there is a list or if anyone know what field of career other then eletric, painting, construction work they are always hiring for in Hawaii.

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IT is always a good bet for anywhere, including Hawaii. The more depth you gain the more flexibility you have.  The real money is in programming, but you can still do well in system management (installing, fixing, operating computers).  I can't say that there is a list of jobs always available in Hawaii.  There are many sites that list careers that are hiring or likely to hire in the next 5 years, but nothing specific for Hawaii.

Good luck and study hard!

Here are a couple of resources that may be useful to you:

Thank you everyone! I've found my career and taking Information Technology next year or the end of the year depending on my work, projects. I really do enjoy installing, fixing and operating computers @Ken B. I've signed-up Hawaii's Startup, Thanks @Stephen M. I'll be glad to share this with others as well :)

Hawaii's admittedly not the best place for IT, but with either the right connections or entrepreneurism it can certainly work.

Most of the better paying jobs are related to the Defense sector, if you want one of those go get a Security+ CE certification or any other suitable DoDD 8570 certification (there are many, but Security+ CE meets the IAT II requirement which is most common, and it also happens to be pretty easy to obtain). You should be able to get a help desk type position somewhat easily as they tend to have high turnover. Your other option is to try for a junior sys admin position but there aren't many of those.

If you want to focus on software development, I don't recommend pursuing Defense work as there is very little on-island, most of which tends to be either Java or .NET. In that case either roll your own business or focus on .NET or mobile/web development (the latter of which there is a goodly amount on-island and probably has better long-term prospects)

If you really want to pursue the technician side of things (which candidly, I do not recommend as there isn't a lot of room for growth - most organizations I've worked with don't do any substantial repair of computers beyond removing dust and replacing/reimaging hard drives - which doesn't require any special skills) - I'd recommend instead going the EE route so you can end up either doing RF or robotics work. The former has value in both the commercial and defense sectors as well as things like radio telescopes and radar installations which exist on many neighbor islands as well. Lots of growth in robotics of course, particularly with regard to undersea applications in Hawaii.

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