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Aloha all,

Anyone have a good lawyer for setting up a good contract framework that you can present different clients?
So if you have people that want you to do some work for them. What types of contracts do you guys usually have?
It should minimize liability, and mention requirements for both parties. :-)

I found some resources, but most mention having a "live" lawyer take a look at it after you have made most of it. So far we have avoided the whole lawyer issue, but since the contracts are being larger it might be a good idea to get that part up and going...

anyone have any thoughts?

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We use Stewart Pressman (phone 529-7410) from McCorriston Miller Mukai MacKinnon. He has experience working with tech startups, QHTBs, etc. We are very happy with Stewart.

Greg Kim is also a popular attorney with tech companies.
Awesome Dan, thx a lot!!!!!
Alex - I really hope you get your $10m

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