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As a UX designer, I'm constantly hitting the wall with regard to not being able to "actually code what I want to do" and lacking the luxury of working in a large org where one can be a specialist I've resigned myself to learning to write code. I've scoured pretty much every book on learning C or iOS for dummies but I'm at the point where a formal education would probably be my best bet.

1. Does KCC offer any continuing Ed courses?
2. Should I just bite the bullet and go back for a CS degree?
3. Any self study resources?

Sorry for the broad question but designing something that you cannot build is probably the most frustrating situation to be in or to build a robust prototype to communicate what I want built. A picture is worth a hundred emails but a prototype is worth a thousand meetings!


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Hey Mark,

I know KCC offers an AA degree in Interactive Design but I'm not sure if they have iOS specific classes.  Pacific New Media Outreach program (University of Hawaii) has an iOS class and I think HPU also has a class in iPhone dev.

iOS also has a storyboarding mode that makes putting together pages super easy.  I haven't personally tried it but seen it in action.



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