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Nolita Releasing has a small hotel visitor television network servicing hotels in Waikiki.  This network broadcasts content of interest to visitors to Hawaii.  We are in need of some assistance making sure our current network is running and assistance in planning out some short term and longer term upgrades to the system.

We have significant off island partners, but we are lacking in local support and need at least one individual part time.  In the future we will need additional part time staff and possibly one full time person.

Our current system is fairly simple: an on property video source (either a DVD Player or a PC media server) is connected to a combination of audio/video modulator/encoder/channel eliminator/filters.  The eliminator set-up splices into the hotel property cable system.  If the hotel has a third party movie on demand system (ie. Lodgenet) we may need  to communicate with that vendor or otherwise see that channels are opened up for us to carry our programming.  It is also possible that we may need similar vendor communication from the hotel’s television provider (ie. Oceanic), in order to make sure we are given a clean channel to eliminate/modulate.

The engineering/tech help we need involves making sure that ultimately our channels can be seen clearly in a test room (one of the hotel rooms).  Included in the expected tasks of the engineer are keeping a proper inventory of equipment and per property maintenance procedures.  In addition, this person will presumably be a point person for the upgrades coming to the system in the near future.

If you have experience using the aforementioned equipment, please contact us at  There is no information on the web about this job, but we are happy to correspond.

We are looking to hire immediately, but as there will undoubtedly be openings from time to time feel free to submit your resume at any time.

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